Chef Tene Shake

Tene Shake

Tene Shake is a renowned seafood chef and entrepreneur hailing from the “Sardine Capital of the World,” Monterey, California. Tene’s knowledge and passion for the restaurant business and seafood are as much a result of his environment as they are in his blood. Coming from Monterey, Tene grew up around the influence of successful restaurateurs and fishermen from the historic “Fisherman’s Wharf” in Monterey. Through them, Tene learned the many secrets of creating unbelievable seafood dishes and how to support sustainable seafood practices. Of those successful restaurateurs that influenced Tene was his father, Sabu Shake, a legendary chef and entrepreneur who has left his mark on the Monterey seafood industry through the family owned restaurant, “Old Fisherman’s Grotto.”

Tene Shake’s experience as a chef and business owner began developing from an early age, whether it was working at the family restaurant, where he learned from his father and older brothers, or at other establishments. When Tene was 11, he trained and worked as a cook at the Cove Restaurant for the Crivello Family. As a teenager, Tene managed the family’s fish market business and delivered seafood to local restaurants. After attending Bethany University, where he obtained his B.A. in 1988, Tene went on to complete levels 1-3 at the California Culinary Academy.

Tene Shake has been able to find success as a chef, restaurateur, and entrepreneur. In 1994, Tene was awarded the “America’s Young Chefs” award by the American Academy of Restaurants and Hospitality Sciences. Also, after being featured in “Celebrated Chefs”, in 2005, Tene Shake became host and chef of “Coastal Cuisine” a nationally aired cooking show which received a TELLY Award. Tene is currently the President of La Toque Blanche, former President of the American Culinary Federation Monterey Bay Chapter and current adviser to the Monterey County Health Department.